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XD hahahaha…. ooooh Adam!!

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Jonah Hill Officiated Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo's Wedding - All the Details! →


Jonah Hill brought on the laughs when he officiated Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo’swedding at Flora Farms in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

While fulfilling his duties during the Saturday evening ceremony, a source tells E! News exclusively, “Jonah was hysterical. He was telling so many jokes, but…


There is adam and bee on their wedding day!


There is adam and bee on their wedding day!

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What if when we cut onions we cry because we were all onions in a past life and our subconscious knows that we’re actually killing something that we were but we like eating onions because our subconscious also knows that now that onion will be reincarnated as humans?

What even


Hello yes for those of you who think that Canadians are all super nice, I was actually born in Halifax, Nova Scotia ( Canada) and lived there for 8 years


these two <3

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"First of all fuck you for throwing a tennis ball at me. That’s super disrespectful and if I threw a tennis ball at you while you’re on stage you’d be pissed also. Second of all fuck you twice cuz I dodged the shit out of that motherfucker.” -Adam Levine

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Adam levine is so amazing i mean look at this

he’s managing to make sex eyes while cuddling a bunch of plush toys


"Somewhere between all our laughs, 

long talks, stupid little fights 

and all our jokes, I fell in love”

*Gifs are not mine.

Dean won’t eat his bagel

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